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With advanced electronics and computer controlled motion systems in today�s machinery it can be difficult to pinpoint a problem accurately and in a timely fashion. That�s where we can help!

  • Expert machinery rebuilding
  • Slideway Grinding
  • Local Shipping

Our Trained Service Technicians are the very best, equipped with a broad range of experience in many disciplines including, Mechanical and Electrical.

There is not a problem that cannot be solved in the world of machinery.
Maintenance - Industrial - Manufacturing

We strive to offer you what every manufacturing plant is demanding.
The Lowest Cost.

Maintaining a high quality standard in everything we do is paramount in all industry. Imagine a firm That works for you, where you are the primary reason for its commitment to detail in every dimension of its operation. From a polite and knowledgeable telephone response to an expedient arrival in your plant, courteous and educated interaction with all personnel involved. Problem solved. A comprehensive and detailed work report, with clear and concise billing*. No Surprises!

for ALL Industrial Manufacturing Maintenance Requirements

Regional Millwright Ltd., 180-B Nithriver Way, Ayr, Ontario N0B 1E0

Specializing in:
Machine Tool Rebuilding - Machinery Rebuilding - Scraping - Hand Scraping - Bed Way Scraping
Slide Way Grinding - Way Grinding - Bed Grinding - Bed Way Grinding
Turcite Installation - Turcite Supplies - Turcite Grinding - Spindle Rebuilding - Gearbox Rebuilding
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